Wall-E Papercraft 2014

Wall-E Papercraft 2014

Papercraft Optimus Prime Transformers 4, Evasion Mode

Papercraft Optimus Prime Transformers 4, Evasion Mode
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jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008

Galeria de Fotos Final / Final Photo Gallery

Aquí podemos ver el armado y unión de las distintas piezas que hemos estado armando y pintando.Bueno con esta galería y luego de haber pasado casi 5 meses ¡! terminamos la construcción, así que podremos ver MI WALL-E DE CARTON completo y desde distintos ángulos.Espero que hayan disfrutado hasta aquí todo el proceso de su construccióny les invito a que me dejen sus comentarios. Los espero en próximos proyectos ¡

Here we can see the assembly and join of different pieces that we have been arming and painting. Well with this gallery, and after having spent nearly 5 months! we finish construction, so I can see MY CARDBOARD WALL-E complete and from different angles. I hope you have enjoyed until now the whole process of its construction and I invite you to leave me your comments. The hope in future proyects !


8 comentarios:

Gustavo Lima dijo...

My name is Gustavo and I'm from Brazil.
I'm working building the wall-e too, but my plans are to build it with some eletronic circuits leds for eyes, small motors, and several stuff.
I'm visiting your site since the begining and now that you finished let me say congratulations for this amazing work, you are a great artist.
I'm trying to use your drawings to help me with my wall-e version, so thanks again for publishing all this great job.

Unknown dijo...

Tremendo artista, haz hecho un gran trabajo. Gracias por mostrar tu trabajo paso a paso, aprendi mucho.

Michael James dijo...

I've been watching your build process for the last couple of months and I'm glad that you've finally finished Wall-E. Do you think it's possible for you to come up with a colored template? Anyways, goodluck on your future projects;)

Unknown dijo...

Genial!!! se ve excelente... un trabajo simplemente genial

nati dijo...

hola mi nombre es Nathalie y me encanta francés papercraft soy y me preguntaba si usted tiene su Walle planchas para la venta y si es así cómo? Gracias. Su Walle es maravilloso! Mi dirección de correo electrónico sebastien.nock0401@orange.fr Gracias

Agnelo PIRES dijo...

Amazing-E...Did you send this to Pixar company...You should...
Very good job...

nati dijo...

Hello thank you for your answer! I write in English this time I hope it does not bother you! I took everything I could on your blog I will try my luck! lol If you have something new I am your blog +

Unknown dijo...

Fantastic work, it's an amazing cardboard model, you should very proud of this accomplishment. Good luck on your future projects. I hope to see more of your artistic work.